Legislation Window Tinting

When applying the film, we fully comply with the law.


On this page we explain what is allowed in the Netherlands. The most important points that you must take into account when choosing foil to have your windows tint are:

  • The windscreen and front side windows must have a light transmission of at least 55%
  • The rear window may be provided with a foil or coating. The vehicle must then have a right-hand mirror.

All these rules are contained in the European directive 92/22 / EEC.


Minimum light transmittance is 55%

Side windows front

Minimum light transmittance is 55%

Side windows back

Fully permitted

Rear window

Fully permitted

In principle, anything is possible with the rear windows.

To help you on your way with the choice of whether or not to tint your windscreen, we will give you some additional information.


Because most car windows already have a certain light-resistant coating when leaving the factory, any film that may be applied later may be of a minimum percentage, to ensure that you fall within the margin of the law in the event of an inspection.


The police checks cars with dark tinted windows. For that they have a device that measures the light transmittance of car windows: the tintman.


When does the offender receive an official report/fine? If:

  • the light transmittance of the windscreen

and / or

  • the light transmittance alongside the driver's side windows less than 55%.


If the light transmittance of the car windows does not comply with the law, the registration certificate can also be collected. As the owner, you then have four weeks to ensure that the vehicle meets the requirements again.


You can read more about this on the government website.