Windshield Coating

Why apply a coating to your windshield

A windshield coating is a professionally applied chemical application that improves the driver's vision in times of bad weather.

Microbead formation and the water-repellent effect will make it difficult for insects, dirt, mud and hard water to adhere to the treated glass. This makes it easy to rinse the windows.

In (severe) winter months, snow and ice will be easier to remove. 

Glare in the dark is drastically reduced, making your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

Increases drivers visibility in the rain, at night and during snow. Making your drivers experience more comfortable and safer!


Clean to Perfection is an authorized and trained installer of GlassParency.

GlassParency is the best window coating in the automotive industry. The patented hydrophobic coating is a one-time application with a 3-year warranty. This two-step professionally installed application forms a barrier to repel water, snow, ice, dust, oil and dirt, creating a durable protection and easy to clean surface.

GlassParency coatings have been developed and produced in the USA.

✅ professionally installed  ✅ ready while waiting  ✅ maintenance formula included  ✅ 3 years warranty

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In addition to the automotive industry, GlassParency is also specialized in coatings for Marine Glass, Solar Panels, Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Flat Glass and Architectural as well as Shower Enclosures. If You would like more information about these coatings, please contact us without obligation.