Exterior cleaning Packages

In Car Detailing, polishing the car paint is central. Polishing the paint is necessary to be able to repair various paint damage and to give the paint its original shine.

Below you will find a number of standard option packages where the number of polishing steps is distinctive. Make a choice that matches your wishes and the condition of the car! Do you want to have your paint evaluated first? Then contact us without obligation! With a special lamp and a paint thickness meter we can accurately determine the condition of your paint.

After polishing the car, the paint is protected as standard with PolishAngel Master Sealant, ceramic wax or nano-coating, but of course you can opt for more paint protection, convenience and durability with a BRILA glass coating.

Exclusive Detail

The Exclusive Detail is the best choice for the car owner who wants his (or her) car paint to be restored to the best possible condition. With this treatment, intensive paint correction comes first. With a minimum of 3 polishing steps we go for the maximum achievable result. Not only for the eye but really in detail.


That means:

  • 100% gloss
  • > 95% removal of swirls
  • > 95% removal of scratches

Premium Detail

With our Premium Detail package, the car paint will be polished in 2 steps. This provides a 100% original gloss and the existing paint damage is considerably eliminated. The condition of the paint is visibly and visibly improved.



 Which results in:

  • 100% gloss
  • 85-95% swirl removal
  • +/- 85% removal of scratches

Basic Detail

The car paint will be polished in 1 step to bring back shine. Light swirls will be removed for 65-75% and deeper scratches are considerably reduced.


Extremely suitable for young used cars and for cars that have already had an extensive paint correction.




A perfect treatment for cars whose paint is still in excellent condition and therefore does not require paint correction. After a thorough hand wash, the car will get waxed.