Maintenance instruction

Important to know in advance

For best results it is recommended to wash the car every two weeks to avoid excessive soiling. Washing your car without causing scratches is best done with the 2 bucket method. Avoid car washes, hand car wash brushes and cleaners with a high pH value. Avoid washing in direct sunlight to minimize streaks and water spots.

step 1: cleaning rims and tires

  • Spray a rim cleaner on the rim and let the product take effect according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • In the meantime, spray APC (All Purpose Cleaner) on the tire and scrub it clean with a brush
  • Clean the entire rim, using a rim brush, paint brush and washing glove
  • After cleaning, spray the rim and tire clean

stEp 2: prewash

  • Spray the entire car with the high-pressure cleaner to remove as much loose dirt as possible. 
  • Then spray the car with pre-cleaner, use snowfoam or spray atomizer with a pH neutral pre-cleaner.
  • Then wait 3 to 5 minutes or according to the manufacturer's instructions and spray the car clean with the high-pressure. 

stEp 3: WASH

  • Use 2 buckets, fill both buckets with water, put shampoo in one bucket and foam up the bucket (do not use detergent).
  • Take a wash mitt and dip it in the shampoo water.
  • Start with the roof and only work in straight lines (not with circles). After each panel, rinse the wash mitt in the bucket without shampoo. Then dip wash mitt in bucket of shampoo and clean next panel. Use little pressure on the wash mitt.
  • Then you spray the entire car thoroughly clean.

step 4: To Dry

  • Use a microfiber cloth to dry the car. Rub the car dry without applying pressure, let the cloth absorb the water.

StEp 5: Finishing touch

  • As a finishing touch you can spray the car with a Detailing spray and wipe with a clean soft microfibre cloth.

Our advice

Use products from the same manufacturer as the coating applied to the car paint. These products are best coordinated with each other.