Sustainable Coatings

Why choose for a glasscoating?

A glass coating is a thin layer that is not visible or tangible. This layer provides protection against external influences. The coating absorbs UV radiation so that no color shed will develop and the paint will retain its shine. Chemical pollution, street dirt and acid rain do not get a chance to attach, making the car easy to maintain. In addition to increasing driving pleasure, the car will retain its value for longer.

BRILA drive to brilliance

After working with various types of coatings we work exclusively with paint coatings from BRILA.

BRILA products have been developed in Japan, based on 20 years of experience and have undergone rigorous testing. Worldwide, more than 700,000 cars have been provided with a BRILA coating. BRILA is the only one that has developed an inorganic glass coating of the 4th generation based on 100% silica quartz.

BRILA offers the customers a wide and clear choice of packages with a very good price-quality ratio.

Another great advantage of BRILA is the fast curing time. Where competing coatings often have to harden for hours to days before you can get out by car, the car is almost immediately ready for use after the BRILA coating has been applied. As an extra you will receive a BRILA warranty certificate from us.


All coatings from BRILA protect the entire car paint against harmful natural influences such as acid rain, UV-radiation tree juices, insects and road grime. Dirt can not attach and the vehicle always looks like new.

The paint seal ensures an excellent gloss.

After treatment with a BRILA glass coating your car is easy to maintain yourself. You will receive a maintenance manual from us. For optimum maintenance we are happy to make a maintenance plan up-to-date for you. We offer a guarantee up to 5 years with BRILA!

BRILA offers a new type of coating with a patented formula for the best results.



The most exclusive coating in the world! Developed in Japan on the basis of over 20 years of experience! The Exclusive Line from BRILA consists of 3 different layers (unique in the world) for the ultimate protection and shine.

5-year guarantee in maintenance convenience.


The premium paint coating from BRILA consists of 2 different 
layers that together ensure
100% protection. The Inorganic quartz glass provides hardness, chemical resistance,
transparency and durability.
Silicon resin is very water-
repellent, offers chemical
resistance and has a
self-cleaning effect and gloss. This durable coating has a guarantee of 5 years!


The RED LINE coating has a sturdy silica-based structure for a high-quality shine and a very smooth surface. The RED LINE coating protects the paint for a long time with a 3-year guarantee.


The BLUE LINE lacquer seal provides excellent gloss and protects the paint. The very good price-quality ratio does not detract from the proper functioning of the organic composition. BRILA BLUE LINE is extremely suitable as a replacement for a conventional wax that is normally applied once a year.